libmbb - Embedded Building Bricks


libmbb is a MIT-licensed C library targeted at embedded systems.

The upstream repository is at


libmbb does not allocate memory dynamically. It is up to the developer to decide how memory is allocated. The HSM module supports both purely event-driven and non-blocking, real-time suitable processing.


The tools sub directory contains the following command line tools:


libmbb uses the autotools for building. If you clone its upstream repository you will have to call ./ to build the configure script. just calls autoreconf which depends on autoconf and automake being installed. If the configure script is built it is the usual game of

make install

The install target will install the examples and unit tests along with libmbb itself. These programs have rather unspecific names like test_hsm. Calling ./configure --program-prefix=mbb_ will install them as mbb_test_hsm instead. Alternatively, you might specify ./configure --prefix=/opt/mbb to install everything into /opt/mbb.

Call make check to run the unit tests.

Call ./configure --host=arm-linux to cross-compile for arm-linux.

Call ./configure --help for a general help message.



Note that the terminal interfaces of some of the examples (pelican and monostable) will be interfered with by the stderr output of the debugging macros. You can either add -DNDEBUG to CPPFLAGS to disable these debugging macros or redirect stderr like this:

examples/pelican 2> log 

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